Magazine Review: The Ride Journal

As part of one of the best Christmas presents EVER, my pretty clued-up boyfriend bought me a subscription to Stack – for hose who aren’t yet privy, Stack is an annual subscription to a bunch of independent magazines, and each month they send you a different title – A great idea if like me you enjoy leafing through a variety of mags to see what’s out there. The best thing so far has been the beautiful   selection I’ve received  starting with Little White Lies, a brilliantly written and illustrated film magazine which focusses each issue on one film and goes in depth about it (December was Django Unchained).

Today however, I want to draw bike lovers’ attentions to The Ride Journal, an absolutely beautifully put together magazine full of ethereal photography, wonderful illustrations and stonkingly-good tales from the saddle. It was all I could do to not fall to the ground in joy at the paper alone which carried an incredible waft of newness with it.

The Ride Journal February '13 edition
The Ride Journal February ’13 edition

I loved that the magazine focussed exclusively on people’s stories giving you an insight into why different people ride, where they go and the trials and tribulations along the way. At £10.50 to order it is on the pricey side, but the guys behind the outfit are a very small team and they pull together a lot of incredible illustration and photography so I can forgive them that. The point of the magazine isn’t to review bikes or target a specific type of reader, and that is the USP that I love – I try to make my blog as accessible to all as I can (with the exception of a few fashion posts), but I think The Ride meets this goal very well.

The team collate their stories from all over the shop – BMXer’s, freeriders, commuters, roadies and everywhere in between, which gives it a lovely varied read – they also choose not to make a profit, by including minimal advertising, and donating the profits they do make to charity – ahhhhh


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