Back In The Saddle

…Did you miss me? Admittedly it’s been a heck of a long tie since I last posted – I’ve had an intense amount of work on at Uni and due to the weather being pretty dire, haven’t actually got out on my bike all that much. But now I’m back and want to share what I’ve been up to with all you lovely people.

My birthday was in February and I had lots of lovely bike themed goodies (including the helmet I was after so I’ll post on that in the next few days to show it off now that the weather’s improving.)

I also wanted to share what I’ve been up to at Uni as opposed to just my bike-related antics, in cae anyone out there is interested in magazines and bikes like I am!

As you might already know I’m studying magazine journalism at Cardiff University and for our final project (a 16, and 32 page magazine) me and 12 others on my course created G&LWeddings. A magazine for gay and lesbian couples who are planning to tie the knot and want a bit of inspiration along the way. We created a Tumblr for our progress with the mag – so if you’re interested to see how 12 magazine students spend all their waking hours writing and crafting pages (interspersed with take out noodles and trips to wedding shows) then click here

This was the end result of issue two – we weren’t enamoured with the cover but unfortunately we kind of ran short of time, content wise and general over all look though is something we are all very proud of. Hope you like!


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