Chemical Hand, Foot and Body Warmers

Wow, as someone who suffers from Reynolds syndrome (bad circulation in the extremities of your bod) this is an absolute godsend! Thanks to All Seasons Cyclist for letting on!

All Seasons Cyclist

Learning to ride my bike in the winter was a “trial and error” experience for me (mainly error). Over the years as I bought better winter gear I wanted to spend more time riding in the snow—which usually meant buying more gear. Some winter gear can be very expensive, but one of the most useful products I’ve ever bought for winter cycling is also the cheapest—chemical hand, foot and body warmers.

Chemical warmers are made by several companies, such as HotHands and Grabber. Though the exact ingredients in these warmers vary depending on the manufacturer, they all basically have the same ingredients: Iron powder, salt, water, activated charcoal and vermiculite (or cellulose). To activate these chemical warmers all you have to do is expose them to air by removing them for their packaging (sometimes you have to shake the packs for a few seconds). Once out of the package…

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