Putting The Brakes On Bike Theft

Arriving at Uni today I spotted a truncheon of police men and women (yes, that is the collective term) chatting to a group of bike folk, so I wheeled a little closer and discovered that they were tagging everyone’s bikes with stickers to prevent bike theft in the city. The stickers have your bike frame number, your name and your postcode on them, which is designed to deter thieves if they spot one.

On first impressions I thought it was a great idea, the sticker was discreet and the South Wales policewoman who applied mine said they were made of some kind of super strong super sticky sticky stuff, which makes them nigh-on impossible to remove. I was given a flyer with a website to enter my personal details and register for the scheme and sent on my merry way.

it was only afterwards that I realised that my name and postcode stuck to my Outside-the-university-bike was quite a clear indication that I wasn’t at home, and the potential thief inspecting said bike then may wish to up his game with a trip to my house…Is this such a well thought-out plan?


One thought on “Putting The Brakes On Bike Theft

  1. Oops. That is a bit of an own goal and not really relevant. It would be easy enough to print them with a serial number which is then attached to your details when you register on line. Maybe blank out your postcode and then record a picture of the label on this site to say that you’ve done it (perhaps e-mailing the picture to someone at the same time)? At a police station, you’d have dated evidence that it was you that tinkered with the sticker.

    It’s little details that reunite bikes with owners. After spotting his stolen bike on the Taff trail, enduring a low speed chase, an unwanted train journey to Pontypridd and enlisting the help of the British Transport Police, Peter got his bike back off the strength of some chipped paintwork which was recorded by Police at the time of theft. With a bit of luck, the sticker will help prevent this sort of palaver!

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