Ring My Bell: Becca Clarke

What do you do?

I’m the director of Green City Events in Cardiff. Green City communicates the sustainability message in Cardiff through workshops and other organisations working together to be more green.

What bike do you ride?

My bike has a little story actually – I swapped her for a wedding dress with my Polish friend Olga and took her to my friends at Punk Bikes for some tlc (she was a vintage wreck!) They have given her new parts – a saddle, handle bars and mud guards but all re-claimed from other old bikes. They breathed new life into her. I don’t know what make she was originally but she was made in Poland. I ride her everywhere and she’s called Celeste (think that was her orginal name). She’s not great at steep hills and her brakes are squeaky but I love her!

Favourite ride

I like riding her to the Uwic allotments, it’s an inspiring place to be.

Nugget of information

If you feel a cold coming on, take lots of echinacea, as well as swallowing a couple of garlic cloves – it really does help!

Becca and her partner’s bikes on a recent trip. Celeste is on the left.



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