Ride Like a Bristolian

As a cyclist, lover of the two-wheeled commute and the lifestyle that goes with it, I absolutely love discovering new communities where this ethic is promoted by others. Bristol is one such city with a bike community which caught my eye this week. Their cycling culture is such that a group of enthusiasts have created a  pitch for a crowd-funded community bike cafe named Roll for the soul.  

The cafe would be a meeting place for cyclists to get together over a cuppa, with a workshop attached, so you could trade and fix bikes too. But it would also host cycling related events, films, live event footage and music too.

Organiser Rob Wall had the idea after Bristol’s 2012 cycle festival pitched up a community cafe called the Hub. Note another reason why Bristol gets a big thumbs up here – they have their own Bike festival – much like our Welsh equivalent  . The reason I think Roll for the soul is such a splendid idea is that it aims to pull all cycling fanatics from all rides of life together. I think Cardiff would be a great city to support something similar. We have a fantastic bike culture and it would be good, as Rob says, to provide a focal point for this community.

Let’s have a show of hands then, who thinks a cycle cafe would be a good idea in Cardiff?


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