Cardiff Bike Polo: Join The Revolution

Bike polo player in action

For my course this week I had to check out some of the cities most alternative sports, and naturally my search started with bikes. Turns out that Bike Polo is making its way over the pond in a big way, and with Cardiff just taking up the reins, I thought I’d find out more…

Cardiff City Bike Polo team line up

 “3…2…1…Polo!” and with that, bike polo is in play, the fast-paced sport played on bikes, where the aim of scoring five goals is balanced with the attempt to stay on-saddle.

Bike Polo was invented in Northern Ireland in 1891 but it’s the alternative form of the game, Hard Court Bike Polo, which is now gaining popularity. A team is made up of 3 players whose aim is to score five goals before the opposing team, or before time runs out.

Hard court bike polo, has grown rapidly in popularity over the past few years, and has recently been introduced to Cardiff by a group of cycling enthusiasts, looking for a new adrenalin sport. It’s a rough game, with no mercy shown for players who fall or get pulled to the ground by another’s mallet.

Hugo McCloud is one of the guys behind the Cardiff City Bike Polo group who meet every Saturday at 2pm in Dinas Powys. He say’s the group aren’t fussy about equipment, and are currently looking for more members, so if you’re interested give them a message on Twitter.


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