Punk my Bike

For a while now Fleur has been in need of a little TLC. The back brakes were sticking every time I used them and although cycling with just one brake is possible it certainly isn’t advisable. After witnessing a pretty sketchy crash by the University library yesterday I decided it was time to stop putting off the inevitable, and take the old girl for a service.

My house mate Mike told me about a neat little place called Punk Bike just off City Road so I cycled on down to check it out. I arrived in the alleyway of Bedford street to find Maz working on one of the new creations. Watching Maz work it’s hard to believe he only picked up a welder two years ago. He’s come from tinkering with old discarded or donated bikes where he built up a following as someone who could transform a rusted road bike into something completely fresh, to eventually opening his own workshop.

Punk Bikes have been open for just nine months but Maz and the team’s reputation is huge in Cardiff. They can turn just about any bike around and tend to work with a couple of old bikes regularly to create the hybrid conversions you see in the shop. Most of the creations are for sale but Punk Bikes are happy to have a go at commissions and of course extremely competitively priced services too. As a Rayleigh fan I was extremely pleased to see a range of vintage reworked cycles there too.

Whilst I was waiting for my replacement brake cable I noticed some very beautifully designed mud guards which Maz told me a friend of his in the Cardiff Fashion Quarter designs. I think I’ll have to pay here a visit and see what she’s up to next…


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