A bicycle life for me: Cycling in Budapest

This Christmas holiday I was fortunate enough to be whisked further afield  after the chocolates and turkey had settled and the wine was just starting to run dry, we fled to Budapest, land of good wine, soviet memories, thermal baths and a damn … Continue reading

Are potholes ruining Cardiff’s cycle network?

Many of Cardiff’s roads and cycle lanes are covered in potholes and dangerously uneven surfaces. How do cyclists and bike businesses feel about this problem and what are the council doing to combat it? Cycle Cities In May this year … Continue reading

Dear Santa…

Dear Santa… by emilee-jane-tombs featuring nike Nike £170 – nelly.com Bicycle Puncture Repair Kit £10 – oliverbonas.com I know I know, but actually it really isn’t that long until Christmas, and although this might be a bit of a girly list I’m sure even … Continue reading

Ring My Bell: Becca Clarke

What do you do? I’m the director of Green City Events in Cardiff. Green City communicates the sustainability message in Cardiff through workshops and other organisations working together to be more green. What bike do you ride? My bike has … Continue reading